Become a BUNGEECISE Instructor

Be part of the Future of Fitness

A 30 minute BUNGEECISE workout can burn up to 1200 calories without putting stress on the joints. Almost anybody can use the Astro Durance Bungee Fitness Systems regardless of physical limitations. Become an BUNGEECISE Instructor and train the new Generation Active…

The team at Active Engineering have worked with industry experts to come up with a Bungee Fitness training system that is fully accredited and covering basic, intermediate, advanced movements and an overview of how to work with physical limitations.

You will learn the major physical properties of ASTRO-DURANCE® and its’ impact on your cardio, lymph (circulatory system), muscular forces, strength, endurance, core, weight loss, flexibility and balance. You’ll learn how to do a comprehensive physical assessment on your client with a hands-on, step by step walk through and what you need to know before you put the client in the bungee. You’ll also learn the moves straight from our ‘Bungee Bible’ of exercises and all training session plans will be provided so you can hit the ground running with providing BUNGEECISE workouts for your clients.

For more information and dates on our new BUNGEECISE Training Courses, email: or call 01328 560250.


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