With multiple bungee fitness products on the market now to choose from, all at different price points and promoting the benefits of their system, how do you choose the kit that’s right for your clients?

Brian Baird, Astro Durance, USA, bungee fitnessWe chat to Astro Durance Co-Creator, Brian Baird in the US to find out what makes the Astro Durance Bungee Fitness System more superior than competitor products.

Here is his top ten…

The Astro Durance Bungee has been custom designed to fit the safety and comfort needs of clients and the only bungee fitness system that can accommodate overweight clients and people with physical limitations, enabling clients recovering from injuries or people suffering from chronic illnesses to regain mobility quicker.

Astro Durance Bungee cord is more robust compared to competitors’ because we use a double circular band which creates four bungee strands in each cord as opposed to just a single cord.

The four cords in an Astro Durance Bungee provides an added safety feature, allowing users of all skill levels, including those with disabilities, to maximize performance.

Although many elements affect the life span of a bungee cord (extreme workouts Vs basic exercises; 100 Vs 30 classes a month), Astro Durance Bungee cords typically last longer, reducing long term cost.

With its larger leg and waist straps to limit pinching and extra padding around the legs, waist and sides, as well as an adjustable waistband for a more comfortable and customized fit, the Astro Durance Bungee Harness is considered luxury in terms of comfort and safety (reduces risk of cutting of blood supply over long workout periods).

Work out harder and longer. The patent pending tube lining in our bungees provide more buoyancy and stretch helping users to be lighter on their feet during training.

Our bungee sleeves are extremely durable and washable, handmade using a heavier fabric that won’t bunch up or fall down no matter how extreme your workout is.

Extra safety hooks on the harness at the front, back and sides enable flexibility for aerial moves and bungee dance/ yoga classes. The side hook ups ensure durability for people with physical limitations.

Users enjoy a more fluid motion because of the unique and specialist ‘inner diameter’ and ‘outer diameter’ dimensions of the Astro Durance Bungee elastic cords.

While all of the Astro Durance kit is assembled in the US, 90% of the components are actually manufactured here, with our bungee sleeves cut and sewn at our facility in Cape Coral, Florida, so we have total control of the design and production, ensuring the highest quality.

What makes the Astro Durance Bungee Fitness kit... Bungees with sleeve, swivel, anchor ceiling mount, carabiner, luxury harness, chain

Don’t just take our word for it

Jane Cole, Pole Perfect Fitness, Bungee Fitness, astro duranceAstro Durance UK client, Jane Cole, Owner and Head Instructor of Pole Perfect Fitness in King’s Lynn highly recommends our bungee fitness equipment.

When asked why she chose Astro Durance, she said, “The quality of the kit is far superior compared to other suppliers (which felt like being held up by elastic bands!), so I have absolute confidence that the Astro Durance bungees will last longer and keep long-term costs down (for replacing bungee cords, etc). I got a great deal too, so I have been really satisfied that it was the right move for my business.”

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Give Your Members What They Want

Generation Active loves innovative, fun, group workouts and high intensity bungee workouts need the most durable equipment. The Astro Durance Bungee Training System is made with the highest quality materials to give you peace of mind, whilst allowing maximum comfort.

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