We chat to Pole Perfect Fitness UK (www.poleperfectfitness.co.uk) owner and lead instructor, Jane Cole, on why she took a gamble on Bungee Fitness and how it has paid off…

Pole Perfect Fitness, Astro Durance, Bungee Fitness

Pole Perfect Fitness UK turns ten this November and has been at its’ latest venue, in the Old Dairy Units in King’s Lynn, for six years now. Two years ago, owner Jane, attended a theatre based workshop in London which inspired the idea of bringing bungee into her fitness studio: “After years of group fitness classes and knee injuries, I wanted something new, unique and low impact to introduce to my members. I wasn’t interested in a licensing arrangement as I wanted to create my own routines. The search took me all over the UK and Amsterdam, but I hadn’t been able to find a quality supplier until out of the blue, in February this year, Rob from Astro Durance UK emailed me about their Bungee Fitness Systems. I decided to go for it and two weeks after ordering the equipment, I launched Bungee Fitness workshops and immediately noticed the popularity among existing members as well as bringing in new people to my place.”

Did you have any reservations about bungee fitness classes?
“Yes, although the idea had been in my head for two years beforehand, making the initial investment into something completely new was daunting. Although infrastructure might be an issue for gym owners, it wasn’t for me as I already hosted aerial workout classes, so was very confident that I could ‘plug in and play’ and hit the ground running.”

Pole Perfect Fitness, Astro Durance, Bungee Fitness

Why did you choose Astro Durance?
“The quality of the kit is far superior compared to other suppliers (which felt like being held up by elastic bands!), so I have absolute confidence that the Astro Durance bungees will last longer and keep long-term costs down (for replacing bungee cords, etc). I got a great deal too, so I have been really satisfied that it was the right move for my business.”

Tell us about your bungee classes…
“I offer four classes a week: Bungee Flow (dance based class), Bungee Fitness (HIIT training) and Beginners Bungee Fitness, with some ideas in the pipeline for a new class. I now have ten units and non-members can book blocks of four classes for £44.”

What impact has Bungee Fitness had on your business?
“It has increased my revenue straight away with people joining up for memberships specifically to do bungee classes, effectively opening up my business to a wider market who were perhaps intimated by the pole studio setting before. I had 96% attendance across May and June, making it the most popular class, and bungee workouts now make up nearly 20% of my group class offering. Within the first month and a half, I had paid off my investment.”

What do your members (new and existing) think of your bungee classes?
“They love it because there’s nothing else like it. New class-goers were a little wary at first, but were up and running fairly quickly and will see their progress within the first few weeks. My old-school fitness lovers enjoy it too because it’s a hardcore workout without the next-day pain! One of my ladies is 73 and struggles with traditional cardio group workout sessions because of her knees, yet she can maintain a good level of fitness without suffering afterwards with my bungee classes.”

What would your advice be to other businesses thinking about taking on bungee fitness from Astro Durance?
“Don’t hesitate, just do it! Firstly, the kit is much more sturdy than competitor bungee fitness systems. Next, the potential is endless because of the uniqueness of the concept and finally, you are not only reviving existing members, but also appealing to newbies like I have done. Bringing bungee to Pole Perfect Fitness was two years in the making, but has very quickly inspired my current clients and generated new members & revenue for my business. Just go for it!”

About Astro Durance UK
The new full body training system can be used for personal fitness, group training sessions, even yoga to give your clients a low impact/ high intensity workout. Whether training to get fit, wanting to lose weight or looking to maintain fitness after an injury, the Astro Durance Bungee Fitness system is easy to adapt to fit multiple sizes, weights and fitness capabilities.

Pole Perfect Fitness, Astro Durance, Bungee Fitness

Get in touch for demos and more information on how Astro Durance Bungee Fitness Systems can revive your gym membership and drive new revenue on: info@activeengineeringsystems.com